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Stop Watching Us: Letter to Congress

The Stop Watching Us campaign’s letter to Congress has attracted more than 575,000 signatures so far. It calls for Congress to reveal the full extent of the NSA spying programmes, and to:

  • Enact reform this Congress to Section 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act, the state secrets privilege, and the FISA Amendments Act to make clear that blanket surveillance of the Internet activity and phone records of any person residing in the U.S. is prohibited by law and that violations can be reviewed in adversarial proceedings before a public court;
  • Create a special committee to investigate, report, and reveal to the public the extent of this domestic spying. This committee should create specific recommendations for legal and regulatory reform to end unconstitutional surveillance;
  • Hold accountable those public officials who are found to be responsible for this unconstitutional surveillance.

Read more and add your name to the letter here: Stop Watching Us.