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US taps Merkel’s mobile phone and spies from its Berlin Embassy

Recently released documents reveal that the joint NSA-CIA unit called the Special Collection Service (SCS) very likely targeted German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s mobile phone. Merkel’s phone number is a ‘Selector Value’ in the documents, and dates and active status also indicate that monitoring of her number began in 2002 and was active in June of 2013.

The SCS has sites in around 80 locations, including two in Germany. Der Spiegel reports that the SCS sets up equipment to intercept cellular signals, wireless networks and satellite communication from US embassies:

The necessary equipment is usually installed on the upper floors of the embassy buildings or on rooftops where the technology is covered with screens or Potemkin-like structures that protect it from prying eyes. That is apparently the case in Berlin, as well.

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