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Edward Snowden statement on Regin malware being linked to GCHQ

Originally published by the Intercept, 13 December 2014

This weekend, the Intercept published further corroborating evidence linking the advanced malware known as Regin to GCHQ’s Operation Socialist attack on Begium’s biggest telecommunications company, Belgacom.

Operation Socialist, as the attack was codenamed, is the subject of several revelations from the Snowden archive (one, two, three).

Edward Snowden’s full statement on the latest reporting follows below:

We’ve never established smoking-gun attribution for a governmental cyber attack against critical infrastructure before, and for the first documented example to show on EU member state mounting a cyber attack on another is a breathtaking example of the scale of the state-sponsored hacking problem.

If we say it’s OK for the UK to hack Belgium, we’re implicitly accepting the inverse. And if the UK can hit Belgium, China can hit the UK. When we find these massive holes in the security of our critical infrastructure, we ned to close them rather than tear them open, or else we’ll soon find everything is vulnerable and nothing is safe.

The people with the most to lose in that kind of world are the ones with the most complex systems. In other words, us, not them.