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Edward Snowden wins Winston Award

Awarded on 16 December 2014

Edward Snowden has been given this year’s Winston award by Dutch NGO Bits of Freedom “for his contribution to promoting the right to privacy and his invaluable influence on the privacy debate.” The prize was awarded at the group’s annual Big Brother Awards in Amsterdam at which Edward Snowden spoke by video link.

In his comments, Edward Snowden referred to proposed Dutch legislation that would provide new expansive authorities for cable interception.

I have to say, I wish I were speaking to you tonight under different circumstances because what we’re seeing in the Netherlands – rather than taking lessons from what we’ve seen over the past year, they’re trying to make their laws worse. The MIVD and the AIVD are working together and using legal authorities that were designed by the National Security Agency.

And this isn’t just me saying this, this is on the record. Upstream is what the programme is called in the United States under the particular authority that they’re now trying to apply to you.