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Edward Snowden on the Equation Group leak

On Monday 15 August, a previously unknown group of hackers called The Shadow Brokers launched an auction for what they claimed was source code from the NSA-associated Equation Group. A sample of what was claimed to be Equation Group hacking tools was also released on github and a manifesto delivered on Pastebin.

The Equation Group – named as such by researchers from Kaspersky Lab – author highly sophisticated malware that has been linked to known NSA operations, based on technical similarities and codenames that have also been found in the Snowden archive.

Similarly, names of tools in the files that have just been disclosed appear to tally with the ANT Product Catalog published by Der Spiegel in December 2013.

The provenance of the files, and why they have been released now, is disputed. Edward Snowden gave his take on the situation today: