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Norwegian court declines to guarantee Edward Snowden’s safe travel

Norway’s Bogarting Court of Appeal has dismissed a request from Edward Snowden’s legal team for assurances that the NSA whistleblower wouldn’t be detained and extradited to the United States if he were to travel to Norway. The court decided that it could not rule on the matter because there is no standing extradition request from the United States, affirming the similar decision of a lower court this summer.

While there may be no standing US extradition request for Edward Snowden in Norway, in 2015, it was revealed that US diplomats had sent a series of notes to their Norwegian counterparts in 2013, calling for Edward Snowden to be denied entry to the country and for the Norwegian government to “effectuate the return of Mr Snowden to the United States.”

Snowden was invited to travel to Norway on 18 November to accept the Ossietzky Prize, which Norwegian PEN awards for “outstanding efforts for freedom of expression.”

Earlier this year, RootsAction, Norwegian PEN and Networkers South-North launched the #SnowdenToOslo campaign and petition in support of bringing Snowden to Norway for the award.

William Nygaard, chairman of Norwegian PEN, has indicated that there will now be an appeal to Norway’s Supreme Court.

Commenting on his twitter feed, Edward Snowden said:

The move follows a similar attempt to bring Snowden to Norway without threat of extradition last year to accept the Bjornsen prize. After a prolonged negotiation with the Norwegian government, Edward Snowden accepted that award by videolink.

Snowden has also been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, awarded in Norway, for the third year in a row. This year’s award will be announced on 7 October.