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Edward Snowden rally, Hong Kong, 15 June


A rally in Hong Kong in support of Edward Snowden

The Hong Kong rally for Edward Snowden of 15 June was one of the most highly organised and widely publicised. It brought support from 27 organisations including: Civil Human Rights Front, Defend HK Freedom, Democratic Party, Hong Kong Civil Liberties Union, Hong Kong First, Hong Kong Professional Teachers Union, Hong Kong Women’s Worker Association, Hong Wrong, Labour Party, Land Justice League, League of Social Democrats, Speak for Humanity, Student Union of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, The Neighbourhood and Worker’s Service Centre, and Youth Union.

The same day, before the main rally began, eight members of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong marched on the US consulate to demand the US explain their hacking of Hong Kong and Chinese computer systems. They left a petition saying the US should immediately destroy all information obtained without the public’s knowledge.

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Edward Snowden support rally: ‘Jail Dianne Feinstein’, San Francisco, 14 June

A rally was held at Gezi Gardens, from where people marched to the offices of Dianne Feinstein. Feinstein sits on the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and was privy to the surveillance programs in use, yet said nothing. She later called Edward Snowden a “traitor”. The rally was to “Stand in solidarity with whistleblowers and those that speak truth to power!” – particularly in support of Snowden, who revealed the extent of NSA surveillance and the Intelligence Committee’s knowledge of it.

I Stand With Snowden, New York City, 10 June

One of the first demonstrations of support for Edward Snowden came only a few days after he went public. Held in New York City’s Union Square at noon on 10 June, “I Stand With Snowden” gathered civil liberties activists and concerned citizens, and was the first event of its kind to show “concern for Snowden’s welfare”.

“This is a war on freedom of speech, association and press”, said the Facebook announcement. The event was reported by Common Dreams.