Courage our network

Five easy actions

“The greatest fear that I have regarding the outcome for America of these disclosures is that nothing will change.”  – Edward Snowden

A primary motivation for Edward Snowden blowing the whistle on government mass surveillance was to give citizens the opportunity of an informed public debate on secret mass surveillance systems, as well as the opportunity for greater awareness and accessibility of privacy protection tools. Here are five ways you can support his cause:

Mr Snowden’s legal defence and its associated public campaign will be a long and expensive journey that can only be successful with your support.

After the US cancelled Edward Snowden’s passport and worked with its allies to prevent his lawful travel as an asylum seeker he sought temporary asylum in Russia, which he was granted for one year. He has now been granted Russian residency for a further three years. At the end of this period Mr Snowden will need to make another application, in Russia or elsewhere.

A strong legal team and an ongoing public campaign is paramount for Mr Snowden’s defence. Making a donation is one of the most effective ways you can help protect Edward Snowden’s human rights as a whistleblower: Donate to Edward Snowden’s defence.

2. Stand With Snowden

Stand With Snowden is a photo campaign to demonstrate the strength and breadth of public support the NSA whistleblower has to governments across the world.

Snowden’s safety lies in the hands of governments who have the power to offer the asylum he needs but they will not act unless they feel the popular pressure to do so.

Showing that you Stand With Snowden is easy. Upload a photo of yourself or your friends, family, and colleagues holding a sign like the ones you can see on our campaign page. Make sure you mention where you’re from: Courage will formally approach the governments of those countries where the public support for Snowden is strongest to ask them to act.

3. Download Tor

Begin to protect yourself from online surveillance by downloading Tor. Using Tor will not guarantee your security, but it is a good starting point for maintaining your anonymity online.

“Tor” is an acronym for “The Onion Router”. The Tor software protects you by using a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world. It prevents anyone who may be watching your internet connection from learning what sites you visit; the sites you visit from learning your physical location; and it lets you access sites which are blocked.

Tor is free and easy to use. You can learn more about how Tor works and when to use it from the Tor Project website. Please choose the right version for your computer here.

4. Write for change

You can make a difference by tweeting, blogging, posting on Facebook and Reddit or utilising other forms of media to spread knowledge about mass surveillance. You can also write to your local elected representatives or, if you enjoy writing, why not compose an open letter that can be shared with other supporters for a more targeted campaign?

Check our Revelations page to find out more about the latest revelations on mass surveillance. Our Impact page has resources for keeping track of ongoing hearings, investigations and legislative proposals.

5. Petitions

Sign and share petitions calling for accountability, transparency and reform of the warrantless mass surveillance systems that Edward Snowden has revealed. See our Petitions page for active petitions in your region.