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Is NSA Going Deaf? What Is ‘Golf Cart Reporting’? — An Interview With REDACTED

This 2005 post from the NSA’s internal newsletter SIDToday features an interview with the deputy chief of the Middle East and North Africa product line. In light of a personnel shortage, he believes that new communications technology presents an advantage to the NSA, as the agency can spy on more intimate, firsthand communications from targets: see the Intercept article NSA Used Porn to “Break Down Detainees” in Iraq — and Other Revelations From 297 Snowden Documents, 1 March 2018.

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Letter from Thomas Shannon

In this short extract from a 2009 letter, Assistant Secretary of State Thomas Shannon thanks NSA Director Keith Alexander for the “deep insight into the plans and intentions” of other participants in the Fifth Summit of the Americas that the agency had provided: see the book No Place To Hide, 13 May 2014.

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