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Giving Answers, Keeping Secrets

This 5 December 2006 post from the NSA internal newsletter SIDToday announces a new query tool called VIVIDDREAM, that enables analysts to discover whether a particular VPN can be exploited by the agency. The tool collects metadata about a VPN and consults a database, also called VIVIDDREAM. The author of the article says VIVIDDREAM “treads the delicate line between protecting VPN epxloitation capabilities and enabling VPN SIGDEV to proceed”: see the Intercept article NSA cracked open encrypted networks of Russian airlines, Al Jazeera, and other “high potential” targets, 15 August 2018.

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Edward Snowden speaks at ACLU Hawaii conference

On Saturday, 14 February, Edward Snowden participated in ACLU Hawaii’s First Amendment Conference by videolink from Moscow. Ben Wizner, Edward Snowden’s ACLU lawyer, also participated in the event.

Video of the event follows below; a full recap is available at