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CPJ report: Obama administration’s war on leaks most aggressive since Nixon

A new report from the Committee to Protect Journalists analyses the Obama administration’s aggressive prosecution of leakers and Obama’s failure to uphold government transparency. The report includes focus on Edward Snowden, noting the US government’s “wide-ranging effort to have him extradited to the United States”.

The report also discusses the aggression against journalists who have worked with Mr Snowden, including Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras, as well as efforts by the UK government to slow or stop the Guardian‘s publication of material revealed by Snowden.

Furthermore, the CPJ reports on the surveillance of journalists, quoting Oktavía Jónsdóttir of IREX: “Journalists who aren’t worried about their communications being monitored should be; if not, they could be putting their sources at risk.”

Read the full report: The Obama Administration and the Press: Leak investigations and surveillance in post-9/11 America

Amnesty International: USA must not persecute whistleblower Edward Snowden

Originally posted 2 July 2013 on the Amnesty International website

The US authorities’ relentless campaign to hunt down and block whistleblower Edward Snowden’s attempts to seek asylum is deplorable and amounts to a gross violation of his human rights Amnesty International said today.

“The US attempts to pressure governments to block Snowden’s attempts to seek asylum are deplorable,” said Michael Bochenek, Director of Law and Policy at Amnesty International. “It is his unassailable right, enshrined in international law, to claim asylum and this should not be impeded.”

The organization also believes that the National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower could be at risk of ill-treatment if extradited to the USA.

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